About Me!

Hello. I’m just a homosexual Chain smoking Christian cisgender male from the northeast part of the Midwest.

I enjoy writing about love. It is something that I aspire to acquire. Whether it be just ranting and raving about current relationships, or talking my mind about a hot topic at hand, you will note that I say it all in complete honesty. While I understand that not everyone is going to agree with everything I have to say, I hope that you respect my opinions as much as I would yours.

I also like beer, fatty foods, good television, scary movies, and Rupaul’s Drag Race. Oh, and cuddling.

Im always open for criticism, so feel free to drop a line!


5 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. I think it’s odd that you refer to yourself as a homosexual instead of gay, but maybe that’s just the Christian side of you. However, since you say that bullies called you a “homo,” I would think you wouldn’t want to use that term. Not trying to be critical, I’ve just always wondered how someone can be gay and Christian at the same time. Maybe you can explain it to me?

    1. Absolutely! I’d love to expand on that. Believe me when I say it, I prefer the word homo a lot more than I do faggot or queer. I personally think it’s the way the word is used. For instance, if a person was calling me a homo or a fag in a derogatory or insulting way, then yes, I would have a problem with it. If it was my best friend Hali just saying “you’re gay. Lol,” then I guess I wouldn’t really have a problem with it. I suppose it’s just all about the way the word is used. Just like in any specific situation with any color, gender, ethnicity, and religion, gays also have their so called “safe words.” When used in a regular manner that is not offensive, no, I don’t believe homosexual is a bad word to refer to myself as.

      Does that make sense? 😊

      1. Thanks for the explanation. But you seem to be a little out of date on gay terminology. Some people are using LGBTQ as a reference for the gay community, with Q meaning queer. But as long as you’re comfortable with certain terms, I guess it doesn’t matter.

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