4 Dating Sites I Recommend (Or Not So Much)

Monday has arrived again! I hope everyone is enjoying their morning as much as I am. The house is nice and quiet, fan is blowing on low, and I have Ed Sheeran playing on low in the background. The sun is shining perfectly enough to the point where it’s not terribly hot, but perfectly cool. Usually I work on Mondays, but this week I traded my Monday with a coworker’s Wednesday. I’ll take it. Usually Mondays are my least favorite day to work. So, while I lay here with some gentle music and continue typing for the few (but greatly appreciated) readers that listen to what I have to say, I can’t help but think about how single and not in a relationship I am. It kinda is starting to suck. I’m getting lonely.

The post I made about stalking exes on Facebook has got me thinking that I’m pretty sure it’s time to start dating again. The last time I did the online dating thing, I met the asshole that basically ruined my life. All I know is that there is a reason every one of us are single; we all have our own personal demons causing us not to be in a loving, nurturing relationship. I think I have nailed down the thing that has been holding me back from finding a relationship: I haven’t been looking!

In the past, there have been four sites I used for trying to find my perfect match. These were Adam4Adam, Grindr, PlentyofFish, and OKCupid! From a gay man’s view, I will now tell you what I thought about these four sites:

  • Adam4Adam:  It reminded me of a more slutty, virtual version of a skanky gay bar.  Dick pigs. Dick pigs everywhere. Penis photos and basically a gay hookup site. I personally couldn’t stand it. The only people that would message me were creepy 50 year old men with small penises and scary fetishes. Not cool unless you are looking to find a one-night stand or a sugar daddy. Sorry, but that’s just not my scene.
  • Grindr:  At least on this site, there is no nudity allowed in your pictures. It doesn’t turn me away from the fact that it’s called Grindr. Like, that basically means “hookup site” as well, right? Well, I tried it. I don’t think I actually met one person thru this site. Most of that was on my end because everyone just wanted my ass. Literally. Whatever floats your boat, but I’m not really into a guy that wants to just have sex with no strings attached. If that’s for you, go ‘head, girl.
  • OKCupid!:  This is honestly my favorite one out of all four dating sites I have used. It is for gay, straight, bisexual, and transsexuals even, I believe. Even though this is the site I used to meet my last jerkhole boyfriend, it really is a great dating tool. It makes you fill out a very detailed profile explaining exactly what you are looking for in life. After you fill out a profile, you can answer random questions ranging from “are you a top or a bottom” to “would you date a guy that smokes?” It then takes your questions and pairs you up with guys. You can refine your search to the guy that you would think will be your match, or you can even take the site’s advice and go with the guy who is 95% match. I definitely approve of this one.
  • PlentyofFish:  I started using this app a couple weeks after said guy broke my heart and ruined my life. So this was the most recent one I’ve been using. While I haven’t been on dating sites for at least 6 months, PoF seems to be an alright site. I must say, that in this community for some reason, I had more people talk to me than OKCupid!.  They weren’t all bad people either. You know how you can just kinda instantly tell if a guy is in it for sex or not? Yeah, it seemed a little harder to do so with this site. I’m not sure if it was just because it was a big community, or if the guys are sneaker over here. I would mildly approve PoF.

So maybe that’s my problem: the quality of the sites I use. After writing that out, I notice that 2.5 out of 4 of the sites I have used are for dick-fiending sluts that just want a night in bed. I’m ready to try again.  I think it’s time to go back to OKCupid, update the profile, and take a dive in the dating pool…. Once again.

At least I know that the waters will be nice this time around. I know what I’m looking for, and that’s not a boy, a whiner, an abusive asshole, a slut, or someone who’s gonna run the opposite direction as soon as commitment is brought into the picture. Seriously. I am ready to settle down. Why doesn’t anyone understand that? All I want is a picture perfect relationship that is just as perfect out of focus. OKCupid!, here I come! Brad is back and ready to be swept off his feet!



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