Flowers, Fridays, and Work, Bitch

Since I said I couldn’t complain at work from now on, I will just do it here.

I have survived the first week of being a better employee. After posting my article titled “You Better Work, Bitch,” I went into work the next day with a brand new attitude. Being an extrovert, I tend to share every piece of information with specific friends at work. So, I walked in, told everyone that I’m bringing a whole new attitude to work, and people were very excited to see how it was going to go for the week.  If you do not know me personally, you will not know that I express myself well through communication. The hardest thing to do was to not talk as much. I’m sorry, but I’m a talkative person.

So, Monday went great if I remember right. I had no issues and was glad to be feeling good while at work. It was nice to just kick it into high gear. While my phone has been off for two weeks now due to student loan bills, I haven’t been able to listen to music. This drives me nuts. Something about listening to “Britney Spears Radio” on Pandora while making beautiful bouquets makes me feel like a king…. No, I lied: a queen. All in all, Monday went by good (which was surprising to me because I freaking hate Monday’s).

Then Tuesday comes. All 40+ bouquet makers learn that we have been cut down to three days a week. Still keeping my composure, I trot my gay ass into my manager’s office and ask which other day I have off. Well, of course: Monday! At this point I am happy because as mentioned earlier, I hate Monday. I did not complain to my manager. I simply said alright, thanks, and left her office.

Wednesday comes, and that is my day off. I’m sure I enjoy it.

Thursday is here. I peel myself out of bed again, hoping to get the most amount of hours possible from this last 4-day week. I think this was probably my hardest day at work. Oh, never mind. That would definitely be Friday.

Friday was a bitch to me. A mean, cold bitch. Every time I would go to put a bouquet in a flower bag, the bag would rip. Now this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except you have to peel the label off the bag, hope it doesn’t tear (or else you have to go get a new one printed), and then reassemble the bouquet into another bag. Being in the new mindset that I am in, I bit my tongue as much as possible to the point where it was almost bleeding. After the ripped bag fiasco, I came back to my station from lunch, and to none of my knowledge, I had 10 bouquets returned to me. Why? Oh, Brad, because. This one’s bag is ripped. This one only has 11 roses in it compared to the dozen that is supposed to be in it. These flowers are dead. This one has mold on it. You suck at your job, basically.

I contained myself in my station while I kept getting frustrated. Eventually, my station mate looked at me and told me to just go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and take a few deep breaths. So, I did. I came back, and realized that this is the day that I dread every week: Friday! Why do I work on Fridays? Why don’t I have that day off?

After a long week, 2pm hit the clock on a Friday. I went into my boss’ office and asked her if I could leave so that I could ride up north with my family. She looked at me, smiled, and said, ” Brad, you really don’t like working Friday’s do you?” I immediately nodded, trying to contain my anger for these terrible flowers I have been dealing with all week. She told me that she would rather me work Monday instead of Friday. So now, I have Wednesday and Friday off. I can definitely live with that!

My boss also noted my improved attitude and performance at work. That alone makes up for the shifty day I had today at work. I hope that this 3 day week crap doesn’t last too long. I mean, I can understand though. They don’t have the work right now. Is this going to be a problem in my life if I decide to stay with this company for an extended period of time? I don’t know, but one thing I know is that I busted ass and I don’t plan to stop. Even though I may have been a little more frustrated than the prior weeks, I think my energy was great. I am now looking to move up in the company. Whether it be a management position eventually, or even an inspector, I want to succeed within this company.

The one thing I want to make sure you see: I now work Monday’s and have Friday’s off. Would you rather have Monday or Friday off of work? Why? Comment below!



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