Rupaul’s All-Star Drag Race 2 Speculations

So, I’m sitting here on my day off from the Flower Shop, and I can’t help but tell you guys how obsessed I am with the show Rupaul’s Drag Race! It has been a personal favorite ever since season one. You know, that one with the blurry lube all over the camera lens and Victoria Porkchop Parker? Yes ma’am. I love this show. So as I have had the pleasure to lay around doing nothing all day, I decided I am going to give you guys my top twelve contenders for the next season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, All Star edition! These are the queens I would love to see on here and why (in no particular order):

1.  Roxxxy Andrews

This is one of my favorite queens of all times (bring in the firing squad).  From season 5, Roxxxy is curvy, crafty, and occasionally cunty. I think a personality like hers is hard to compete with.  She made it to the top 3. We learned in her season that she could act. Take her Tamar Braxton for example. She nailed the snatch game with that. Oh, and two words: Wig Reveal.

2.  Jade Sotomayor

I really liked Jade in season 1. If you don’t watch drag race, this was the lube-smeared camera lense I was talking about earlier. Everyone always says that she is one of the hottest guys in all of RPDR herstory, but  I guess you can be the judge of that.  I personally think he’s pretty gorgeous as a male, and kinda blah as a female, but I guess somebody’s gotta go home first, right?


3.  Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy was in the most recent season of drag race, season 7. I think we can all agree that season 7 was probably the worst season yet. However, there were some hidden gems and she was definitely one of them. She has amazing dance ability. I also think it would be awesome to see her get sassy with some of the other queens from different seasons. Kennedy doesn’t take any shit, and that is one of my favorite things about her. Also, At about 1:02 in that clip. That woman is freaking fierce. She’s a lip sync assassin.

4.  Rebecca Glasscock

I think this one would be so much fun to bring back. Even though it’s already pretty much confirmed she wouldn’t do All Stars, I personally loved her. As a man, I thought he was the hottest in all of season one, not Jade… But to each their own I suppose. I just think Rebecca is completely gorgeous. It would be cool to see how far she has come since season one. I think the other queens would also be kinda pissed about it, seeing as she doesn’t have a very hardcore liking throughout the RPDR family and fans.

5.  Alyssa Edwards

My name is Alyssa Edwards, and THIS is Alyssa’s Secret. Alyssa is my personal favorite queen of all time! She has got the comedy even when she isn’t trying to be funny at all! Alyssa can dance like crazy! Alyssa can death drop! Alyssa can act if she really needs to.  As shown In the video with Roxxxy Andrews, she can also lip sync the house down. Here’s another great lip sync she does. You’re welcome ahead of time. Alyssa has what it takes. She made it to the top 6 in season 5, and this time I would love to see her take the crown once and for all!

6.  Adore Delano

As most already know, Adore wasn’t just on season 6 of RPDR. She was also Danny Noriega from American Idol Season 7. Adore made it to the top 3 but lost out to Bianca del Rio. She sent some really good lip syncers home with her quirky, crazy dancing. For that, she definitely deserves to come back, even if she is fresh meat still.

7.  Stacey Layne Matthews

Stacey won me over as soon as she did that Monique thing on season 3.  She also didn’t put up with the whole clique thing. When it came to the Heathers, she didn’t wanna have anything to do with them. I think she needs to come back because she was hilarical, sweet, and was from a place called Back Swamp. Lol

8.  Darienne Lake

This large and in charge girl was a force to be reckoned with in season 6. She has such a beautiful face. Like, her face is just perfect I think. She definitely knows how to paint a mug. She made it to the top 4 and got sent home right before the finale.  Also a queen who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, Darienne can act. At about 1:15 in this video, her scary head in a box role was great. Also, she sent so many bitches home! I think that she could go far against past queens, for sure.


9.  Trinity K. Bonet

Firstly, I give anyone props that comes out publicly on television saying they have HIV is a brave person. That took balls in that alone. Trinity was a queen that grew on me in season 6. At first, I thought she was obnoxious. The way she wouldn’t listen and made excuses was ridiculous for the first half of that season. And then, something clicked. I think it was during one of the many times she sent a girl home with her fierce lip syncing ability. Also, she had great runway looks. She started off not too strong, and grew stronger as the competition grew. I think if we put her in with some other queens, the possibilities are endless!

10.  Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

I think Alaska was one of the brightest queens in all of the seasons. Even though she plays this dumb facade, she broke away from Rolaskatox.  She also made an amazing statement in the top 3 when she proclaimed why she deserved to win and the other girls didn’t deserve it. Due to the fact that she was the only one who understood the assignment, I personally thought she deserved to win. Alaska has made a shit ton of music vids, as well as made it on the top of the iTunes Charts. The lady knows what she is doing. If you ask me, she’s a quadruple threat: acting, singing, lip syncing, and being a ridiculously hilarious person. I love her.

11.  Phi Phi O’hara.

Now just hear me out. I know the bitch is crazy. I get it. But I wonder how she would act with the previous 10 women around. I think if Phi Phi were around different girls, maybe she wouldn’t be so bad. And you know, you need a little drama in a reality show! 

12.  Katya Zamolodchikova

Do I even need to explain myself here? She got ripped off in season 7. She should have won the whole season. Instead, she got sent home before top 4, ending her in fifth place.  Here is her YouTube channel. Once again, you’re welcome in advance. I would have to say that Katya is definitely one of my top 3 favorite queens of all time. She can also act. She can do some dancing, and she is just a fucking slut. What is there not to love about her? 
So there you have it, darlings. My first Rupaul’s Drag Race inspired article. I wish this cast would actually happen. If you haven’t seen the show and just read this, you really should watch it. I just showed you a bunch of talented people. If you have seen the show, leave your opinions on my top 12 in the comments below! Either way, say hey!

Now it’s time to go back to having a cig and watching law and order, while getting prepared for the rest of my week. I leave you with a baby encouraging you that Friday is only two days away!



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