You Better Work, Bitch!

  So what do I do for a living you ask? As of right now, I work at a floral warehouse. I am a bouquet maker making not terrible money. What happens is they pay you a certain amount of money per stem, per hour. For example, if it’s over your hourly wage, the company will pay you what is called a piece rate. That means if I make 95 dollars for an 8 hour day, but my piece rate is 150 dollars for the day, I get to take home that piece rate because I was fast as fuck.

My shop makes and distributes flowers to local grocery stores, like your local Target or Walmart. Anyways, lately, I have had the feeling of wanting to do something more for myself within this company. I stand at my station (which has a mini bouquet in a soda can, a cute little basket to put the flower food in for easier grabbing, and a built in tissue dispenser) all day and make these beautiful bouquets. I am going into my 9th week of training in this job and I would say I’m doing pretty good. Recently, Mr. X and I had a long talk about getting into the groove at work. I need to go there and own it. I need to go there and do it and work as hard as I can.

I have made some friends that I hope to keep. Now I know that you shouldn’t really make a bunch of friends at work because you are there to work, not socialize. But there are a few girls I have made friends with. I started out making these bouquets so slowly! I’m talking like if I was making piece rate, I would have made probably only 5 dollars an hour! Lol. So I started observing my peers to see how the hell they were making 25 dollars an hour. Did I mention, I work with all women? Oh, and one other gay man in bouquet making as well.  To be completely honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way though.  I don’t know if this is true for all Hispanic women, but I started watching the girl I share my station with.  She is a religious girl, to the point where she wears skirts to work because God tells women to wear skirts (I don’t know, I don’t get it personally). She is one of the quickest people I have ever seen that knows how to make a bouquet. First, she cleans the stems so that there are not crappy leaves in the bouquet bag. Then, she gets started assembling the bouquet with her ninja fingers. After that, she slides that puppy in the bag, and sends it down the line to be inspected. She gets a lot of bouquets returned to her to fix sometimes because she’s kinda careless.  The worst part about her is that she is a mess and I share a station with her. The best part about her is that she knows that I am knowledgeable in Spanish. She speaks to me in Spanish all the time. She teaches me how to get fast every day.

I know that all this talk about bouquet making and flowers may not be that exciting to you, but hear me out for a minute.

I like this job because I don’t have to deal with a lot of people, I get to kinda do my own thing, listen to Sugar Ray radio on my Pandora all day, and they are very lenient. That’s where my stupidity comes in. I take advantage of it too much. Hell, last week, I had to get a doctors note to come back to work because I told them I was puking (which I really was). I was off on Monday, and didn’t come back until Thursday. That is insane that they wouldn’t fire me. I was sick for a day, asked to come in Tuesday, and they wouldn’t let me until I had a doctors note saying I was clear to come back to work. So I went to the damn doctor and paid 20 bucks to basically come back to work.
Anyways, I decided that this crap is done. I am going into work tomorrow like a Spanish mamacita (sp?), and raising hell. I am going into one of my final weeks of training this week I think.  From now on when I go to work, I’m going to do the following, starting tomorrow:

  • Give it at least 100%. By this I mean I will work my ass off and not quit moving until it is break or lunch or time to go home.
  • Not call off of work unless I’m dying.
  • Take advice positively from my coworkers and managers instead of snapping.
  • Make rate, and then some.
  • Take on an extra shift every once in a while.

I’ve got goals, people, and I can’t stop thinking about work tomorrow. I’m stoked. Wish me luck on moving up in the company. My goal is to eventually, maybe become a manager!

6 thoughts on “You Better Work, Bitch!

  1. I worked in the floral industry for 8 years. I did accounting, but understand how tough the job is. I still don’t miss the long holiday hours! πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes, we have these things called peak weeks. They last 3 weeks long and there are three of them throughout the year I believe. I think it’s valentines, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. πŸ™‚ and I love accounting and numbers! 😍😍 Thanks for reading!

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